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Who We Serve

Promise Transition Services primarily serves people who are in nursing homes or rehab centers and who would like to move back to the community to live a more independent dignifying life.  So if you or a loved one is living in a nursing home or rehab center and you want to move back to the community or you want that loved one to move back to the community, contact the nursing home social worker and they will inform your county community human services and public health.  They will make a referral for relocation services that will help you find the right placement in the community and connect you with services that will ensure your safety and greater independence.  At Promise Transition Services that is what we are committed to doing.  We listen to each individual preferences, get information about their unique needs, guide them to make decisions that will guarantee their safety while giving them greater independence and control over their lives thus ensuring a better quality of life once they live the nursing home and move back to their own place in the community.  Our highly qualified, trained and experience staff are dedicated and committed to putting their minds and hearts to provide you with the best of services.  So when you decide that it is time to move back to the community tell your nursing home social worker or your county case manager that you want to work with Promise Transition Services.  

 What We Do

  • Meet with you alone or with your family and loved ones to discuss the best housing options and services that will be suitable and safe for your unique needs.
  • Comb the locations of your choice in search for the right housing and services for you.
  • Take you to tour potential housing options and decide decide on the one you want.
  • Complete housing applications and assisted living referrals for you.
  • Work in collaboration with you and the interdisciplinary team involved in your care to ensure optimalcoordination of services.
  • Keep you, your loved ones, case manager and nursing facility social worker regularly updated with the progress we are making.
  • Keep your personal records secure and safe per HIPPA standards.
  • Observe strict respect and cultural sensitivity while working with you.
  • Guide you in making decisions that will ensure a safe placement and greater independence.  
  • Help you get a MN ID card for only 50 cents if you don't have one or if the one you have has expired.
  • Help you get a replacement Social Security card if you have if you have misplaced it.
  • Help you apply for Metro Mobility card
  • Help you get transitional funding that will get you furniture, other household items and pay your security deposit.
  • Help get monthly rental assistance for you if you qualify for MSA- Shelter Needy.
  • Convene a discharge meeting a week before discharge to ensure that all the equipment you need is ordered but also to  ensure a hitch-free transition back to the community.
  • Carry your belongings to your new home on discharge day and make arrangements for any belongings you may have in storage to be transported as well.
  • Help you apply for a discount phone services.
  • Prepare a discharge summary and send to your case manager right after the discharge.  
  • Call one week after discharge to see how you are doing at your new home.